Mission: To provide top-notch, 21st century approaches             to improving the quality of daily activities, passions                    and interests for you and your loved ones.

Would you like . . . ?

  • Parents – Would you like your toddler and preschooler to be prepared physically, emotionally and academically for Kindergarten? Would you like to see your children have more self-confidence and succeed in school?

  • Professionals – Would you like to train your clients to have tools that give them that added edge?  Would you like more techniques for your practice?

  • Adults – Would you like to be more focused, organized and relaxed? Would you like to improve your vision?

  • Children – Would you like to Read with ease; calculate Math quicker and Spell like an ‘A’ student?   Would you like to play sports like a talented Athlete?D Hornbeak side shot smaller

All can benefit from Ms Hornbeak’s programs which naturally draw out full potential. Everyone has the ability to wake up their Brain and experience Life in its Wholeness.

 A . . . Z Benefits of the Program:

Attention, Balance, Clarity, Determination, Eye-Hand Coordination, Emotional Stability, Focus, Greater Memory, Happiness, Improved Self-Confidence, Joyful, Knowledgeable, Language Processing, Motor Planning . . . . Questioning, Reading and Math Fluency, Self-Esteem, Self-Control, Talent, Understanding, Victorious, Wisdom . . . Zealous

“Have Courage to Become a Whole Person and your World will become Whole.”